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Angel Falls (2020) - 8 min Drama
While Angel Falls is still in the running for awards I can't add link but i can email it to you.  


Obviously     I can't just put my scripts online but I'd love to meet for a coffee or send you the scripts to read.

DEAD Funny

Thriller - Comedy
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A struggling stand-up comedian accidentally kills a heckler after he ruins his big break. Throwing him into the world of organised crime and revenge. To survive he is going to have to kill again.

The Value of Life

Psychological Thriller
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Still grieving for his wife detective Mark Walker is back working with the police force that he betrayed, having to hunt a criminal that wants to ‘change society’. Meanwhile Mark with the eyes of the world on him is planning to get revenge and kill the man that ruined his life. 

Second-hand People

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“This is a quirky, sweet comedy

with engaging characters and a unique setting”

An independent charity shop has a corporate owned chain-charity open next door forcing them into a donations war and a  battle to survive their own hearts and minds.